A Test Of Friendship Is A Moving Experience But Your Local Moving Experience Shouldn’t Test Friendships

Moving Across Country Like A Pro

Make your cross country move cheaper, easier, and more organized with this comprehensive guide by pro moving

The decision to move was hard, but you’ve made it. Maybe you got that killer job you’ve always wanted, maybe you’re going to school, or maybe it’s your heart that’s leading you to a new destination far away. No matter what the reason is, moving across the country is no easy feat. The worries, fretting, and endless phone calls with family and friends for advice was just the beginning.  Now it’s time to actually pack and move

How To Prepare For A Cross Country Move

Your first order of business is a flurry of cleaning, organizing and de-cluttering. As you are about to find out, it takes a considerable amount of time and money to move cross-country.  Why pay to move things you don’t even want? This process should take place at least two months prior to your moving date so you have ample time to get as much work done as possible.

Clean, Clean, & Clean Some More!

If you are anything like the average American, then you’ve probably been putting off Spring cleaning for a few years now. Take this opportunity to clean, dust and put everything away. Why should you be doing this? It’s impossible to take stock of what you have and what you need if you can’t find anything, and you’re going to need to clean up your house or apartment before you move on anyway. Besides, dust bunnies never chip in for gas, they’re dead weight.

Get Rid Of Unwanted Items

Do not take trash or unnecessary items with you. Trust me; you really won’t be needing your term papers from high school again – ever. Throw them out. Do you have clothing in every size imaginable in styles no one even recognizes anymore? Donate them! The less you have to pack or take with you, the better. If you have enough stuff to get rid of, have a yard sale. The extra cash can go towards your moving expenses!

Ways To Sell Your Stuff Before Moving

Facebook Marketplace– List unwanted items on Facebook and price them to sell!  It’s a great online marketplace to buy, sell, or trade anything.  Craigslist still works if you don’t have Facebook.

Ebay – If you have specialty items that are a hard sell locally, then list them up for bid on Ebay, the online auction place.

Offer Up / Let It Go:  Two great apps for your smartphone or tablet to quickly take pics and list items for sale in your area.

Donate:  Anything that you can’t or don’t want to sell, you can donate to charities, local homeless shelters, churches etc to help somone in need while still getting rid of dead weight for the move.


What are doing to keep your family and our movers safe:

are wiping down (sanitizing) our trucks and our equipment every day as best as we can.

customers need to participate in social distancing (8-ish feet away from our movers) and to sanitize their homes, apartments, apartment elevators etc BEFORE crew arrives at customers home.

are asking customers NOT to sign our bill of lading, and to call their own credit cards into our office when the move is complete. Before crew leaves your home, the crew lead will let customer know the amount to charge the credit card. do accept cash as well. We accept personal checks as long as are NOT moving you into a self-storage facility, loading a customer’s rental truck or loading a customer’s shipping container.

are asking customers to let our office know as soon as possible if someone in their home has a fever as to not spread anything to movers are taking this VERY seriously so movers do not spread the virus to their co-workers, families or to other customers. If movers feel uncomfortable working for a customer who has a fever, movers have been instructed to leave the jobsite immediately. Giving us an early heads up about a feverish customer will allow to re-schedule that customer at a later date before fill schedule up for the later date in question.

are asking our employees to stay home if they have a fever.

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offer competitive pricing and do our best in making sure you get the most out your money.

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team of trusted and experienced professional Glendale movers can handle all aspects of your move.

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are licensed and insured professional movers

Moving to one place is one of the most exciting yet stressful life experience, especially when you are doing it on your own. Packing and unpacking all your things will take so much time and effort. Hiring local professional movers

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professional team of movers packed your valuables with top-rated packing supplies that will keep your things safe from moving. We cater any size of moving from labor only, household move, apartment move, furniture move, office move and commercial move.

Minolta DSC

things to know about moving into UCF dorms during the COVID-19 pandemic

said it was a smooth and easy process. “I really appreciate that they’re doing the COVID test. It makes me feel a lot safer about coming to campus,” she said.

“We do think that a number of them will return to their residence. However, we have arranged for on our main campus probably 80, 83 spaces for isolation and certain remote locations another 80 spaces, so we think we’ll be as prepared as best as we can,”

“I was looking forward to football games and stuff and I think school might be a little harder online to be productive, but as long as we stay positive and just motivated I think we’ll be okay,”

Move-in happening earlier

To limit the number of people moving onto campus a time, the university started the move-in process earlier to provide a staggered move-in process with physical distancing

Two-part drive-thru process

Students moving onto the main campus are required to take a COVID-19 test in a campus garage provided by Aventus Biolabs. After the test, students will go to another parking garage to be checked-in by UCF housing staff, receive their keys and student identification, and be provided a packet of materials that includes a face covering.

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