A Quick Tip To Save Money On Your Wedding Videographer

How To Choose A Wedding Videographer

There are many tasks that you need to do before you’re prepared for your wedding day. In this article, we are going to try and teach you how to choose a wedding videographer. This part is one of the most critical matters regarding the wedding day. You want it all to be perfect both in real life but also in the film. Continue reading and see tips on how to get the best filmmaker for your wedding.

Understand What They’re Offering

Filming your wedding is almost a must-have these days, as its popularity skyrocketed. Because of this, wedding videographers are creating competition for each other by offering various packages and options. The first thing you need to check out is what precisely they offer—the chance of you getting disappointed lower if you know more of what is on the table. The videographer’s job is to present to you what he offers in detail, so you need to pay attention when this becomes the subject of your conversation. Most videographers these days offer trailers, teasers, full edit, and Instagram, and you need to tell if you need all of it or if there is something they do not have in the offer, but you want it. Most of it would also dictate the price, and this is something you want to deal with beforehand.

Hire Friendly People

A wedding day comes and goes away very fast, and it’s videographers and photographer’s job to capture all the right moments at the right time. Now, the two of them can’t be the same person, but you’ll want to hire people who know each other and are friendly. During the ceremony, they’ll be focused on the same parts of the event, and you’ll want a certain level of coordination between them. If this is achieved, your biggest event would be captured from the right angles, without anyone getting in anyone’s way. The best way to accomplish this is to hire a photographer on a recommendation from a videographer or vice-versa. Do this, and your wedding is halfway successful.

Search Thoroughly For a Right Person

Organizing a wedding requires hiring a lot of people. Some of them can be hired locally, some of them must be local, but in the case of a videographer, this is not the case. Location doesn’t play an essential role regarding the person who is going to film your special day. Yes, you can argue that they have a lot of equipment that they might not be prepared to drag across the state, but the truth is they can pack essentials in a bag that fits the car or a plane. As you can see, there’s no need not to hire a videographer from another state if you know a good one. There are recorded cases that a videographer from Maryland filmed a wedding in Kansas. There are probably more cases of interstate filming, but we won’t google them. You can if you want. All in all, you can reach for one to come from afar if you are confident in their abilities to get the job done.

Be Sure That Videographer has Complied With The Venue

This point might not sound significant, but it truly is. Not all filmmakers are the same. Some of them make most of their films on the outside while some specialize in closed venues. You need to be sure not to hire one whose expertise is tied to ballrooms while your wedding is taking place in nature. What you need to do before signing a contract is to ask and see their films from previous events. If you see a pattern that suits what you are planning, you should hire them. But, if you notice that most of their film is not tied to the location for your choice, maybe you should continue your search.

Be in Tact With The Videographer

In this area, you need to act as an NFL Quarterback and watch a lot of films. Yes, you heard it well. After getting known with a couple of videographers that entered you’re shortlisted, you should take some time out of your schedule and re-watch their previous films. Not all weddings are filmed in the same manner. It’s up to the videographer to choose what he’ll be focused on, but this should be done in accordance with you. You might want to have a focus on the bride and groom, while there’s also an option to be focused on the party and the dance podium. To be sure that you selected the right candidate, you need to like more than two of his videos. This way, you lower the margin for error. Furthermore, be specific with details you’d love to see in your wedding video and start from there. The perfect choice is around the corner.

Be Sure They Don’t Work Alone

It would be best if you avoided people who work weddings alone. Filming a wedding is not an easy task, and no person should take on this task alone. Not only that, it’s hard, but it also increases the chances of failure, which would leave the bride and groom disappointed. The length of a wedding is limited, there too much equipment, the crowd can be restless, and on top of that, you’re left alone to catch every important detail. It’s just not doable. Look to hire a person who works with assistants. At least two would be ideal, but it could be even more for the best results possible.

The style of film and the videographer

Like with everything when your planning your wedding, you want a wedding videographer who compliments the style of your wedding. If you’re having a super fun, alternative festival wedding then consider a documentary style, less traditional videographer. If you’re having a sophisticated, traditional ceremony and reception then a more traditional videographer may be best for you.

It’s really valuable to meet with different people before you make a decision and get to know them. You want to feel comfortable around them as they will be there on the day.  We film from preparations until an hour or two after the first dance so will be with you all day so it’s great to build a relationship before your wedding day.

The packages they offer

There are so many different styles of wedding videography and so many different packages on offer. Consider what works for your day. Some videographers will have packages based on the amount of time filming: 4, 6, 8, 10 hours. Consider the time of your ceremony, wedding breakfast and first dance and how long you will need them for.  Some videographers, like us, base the filming day around the events themselves rather than a specific time to make sure we definitely film all the important parts of the day as well as the natural moments.

The edited films will also vary. Some videographers only offer a highlights film 5 minutes of the best bits. Some offer an extended highlights film between 10 and 20 minutes.  Others offer a full feature film so the ceremony and speeches can be watched in full. Think about what you will like to watch back, not just when it arrives after the wedding but in 10, 20 or 30 years from now.

What type of post-production editing is provided?

Quality post-production editing done after the wedding converts ordinary unedited footage into a beautiful, moving and professional production! Do not accept in-camera editing – this is simply just turning the camera on and off.

Do they offer professional effects?

Can they add special still photos such as baby pictures? Smooth scene transitions, appropriate soundtrack, effects like mosaics, multiple images, fades and a strong finale (for example, flashbacks of wedding highlights) make for a video your friends and family will remember and one you’ll treasure forever.

Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Videography Style

There are five key wedding videography styles to select from. Each have their own pros and cons, and you’ll find that videographers will specialise in only one or two of them. Kara Jane Visuals focuses specifically in a raw honest documentary style, where your video creates an authentic representation of your wedding day. Let’s take a detailed look at each of the five styles:

  • Cinematic – just like movies, the cinematic style uses the same angles and filters a movie uses. There is less of a linear timeline focus and more attention on capturing the themes and stories of your wedding day. There can be a lot of direction from the videographer in where to stand and with whom, and don’t be surprised to see drones flying around.
  • Short form – often the short form wedding videography style is combined with another. That’s because it is a short version of your day, edited to be around 20 minutes or shorter.
  • Storytelling – this style video can use a voice over to narrate the events of your wedding day, or perhaps music and text to give the video a love story theme. There is less emphasis on capturing the funny moments or aesthetic details. Storytelling is often used with the cinematic style in videos too.
  • Documentary – there’s a big focus on capturing the unplanned and ‘real’ moments, this style doesn’t have the polished look a cinematic video does. It follows the timeline of your wedding day, and the videographer is less intrusive in what they do. You probably won’t even notice they are there!
  • Traditional – like the name says, this videography style is focused on what happens during your ceremony and reception. Less focus is made on what happens behind the scenes or small details which make up a wedding day.

Choosing Your Wedding Photographer


It’s almost 6 years since I took my first tentative steps into the world of wedding photography. When I began my business back in May 2013 I had absolutely zero intentions of photographing weddings. The plan was to concentrate on newborns, family shoots and the occasional event. The pressure of shooting weddings was something I would happily leave to other people. So imagine my surprise, just a few months later, when If found myself knocking on the door of my very first wedding clients Yvonne and Lee. I’d been recommended to them by a mutual friend. They were planning their wedding at very short notice, had a tiny budget and were happy to trust me to capture their day.

Although I didn’t realise at the time, I was woefully unprepared to be a wedding photographer. I had an amateur level camera, a kit lens and a cheap 50mm, one flash gun and absolutely no idea how to use it and literally no idea what a wedding day entailed for a wedding photographer. Let me emphasise this again – I was very, very lucky that everything went to plan, that it didn’t rain, that my couple we’re lovely and easy going. After that very first wedding I was hooked. I knew weddings were where I wanted to be and from that moment on I concentrated all my efforts into building my wedding photography business. Happily, 6 years down the line, I can look back on the almost 200 weddings I have now photographed and I know I made the right choice saying yes to that first opportunity.

It has not always been plain sailing. There’s been many bumps in the road and building a successful wedding photography business involves much more than just being able to take lovely pictures. I’ve got lots of posts about running a business and successful marketing. But this blog post concentrates on the ins and outs of first getting into wedding photography. I hope you find it useful!

So how do you become a wedding photographer?

Almost on a weekly basis I get emails from aspiring wedding photographers asking how to break into the industry. Facebook groups are filled with the same question. Like running any business there’s so many different ways of going about it. I’m a strong believer that there is enough work to go around so I’d never discourage anyone from trying to build a business in this industry. Sadly though, I also see couples who have had their wedding days ruined by inexperienced and underprepared photographers. (Can I repeat how LUCKY I was that my first few weddings went to plan!) I think you can have the best of both worlds – building a business you love without risking ruining someone’s big day. Here are some of my tips to breaking into the wedding industry

By far the most sensible route into wedding photography is to start off by shadowing and assisting a more experienced wedding photographer. No matter how talented you are as a photographer, a real life wedding day is something else! It’s so important to know how a wedding day runs, what bits are important to capture, how to keep things running to time, how to handle guests, how to work alongside the rest of the wedding suppliers,  when to take the bride and groom off for pictures and so on. As you grow more and more experienced you’ll develop your own style and way of doing things, but to begin with knowing the basics is key.


Weddings are a once in a lifetime (hopefully!) occasion, and a day that the bride and groom will cherish forever. Wedding photos play a large part of this, but this can also put a huge amount of pressure on the photographer – missing a shot simply isn’t an option.

While wedding photography is possibly the most stressful challenge a photographer can face, it can also be one of the most rewarding. If you’re lucky, it might even lead to a lucrative and enjoyable career.

If you’ve been asked to photograph someone’s big day, or if you’re interested in gaining some experience with an eye to making it your profession, follow these tips to make sure everything goes as smoothly and stress-free as possible.


Wedding photography can be very stressful and lots of hard work. The first thing to decide is whether you actually want the responsibility. If you’ve been asked to photograph a friend’s wedding, remember that you can always say no.


Weddings are very busy and hectic, so preparing for your shoot in advance is essential. Start by getting an itinerary of the day so you know exactly where you have to be and when. Visit the venues (church, reception hall etc) before the big day so you know how to get there and how to get around.



Even if you want natural wedding photography that is more documentary in style, there is still a place in the day for a small number of group photos (by small number I am talking under 10 individual setups). I am, in the main, a lover of a more natural, candid style of photography. I enjoy capturing the day as it happens in order to create beautiful storytelling images that go further than just recording who was present. I love to photograph the natural moments and the in-between bits; the happy tears from your mum as she watches her daughter say ‘I do’, your new husband burying his face in his hands as his best man tells a few stories from years past, the proud smile on your granddads face as he watches you walk down the aisle. These are the photos I love to capture and the moments that make an image into something very special. However, I also totally appreciate that this is the one day where all your family, friends and loved ones are there at the same time.

It’s the one time you might have four generations of family together, the one time all your best friends from school will be in one place. Getting a group photo of all these people can also add to the memories of the day in a different way. Group photos can be particularly important to your parents and older relatives. These are the photos that often get the most print orders and I know they will be adorning the mantlepieces of proud aunties and grandparents countrywide.

There is definitely a right and easy way of doing group photos and a wrong and more complicated way of doing them! With over 300 weddings under my belt, I can safely say that I know the right way to approach these photos. If you want easy, stress-free group photos that don’t take forever and allow you to actually enjoy the time during your reception here are my top tips to keep things running smoothly

Keep the number of shots down

I recommend no more than 10 individual combinations. Do you really need all 20 of the groups you initially considered? Are you really going to print all of them? Do you really want to spend the whole of your reception taking group photos? Prioritise which shots you really want within the formal photo time e.g. immediate family, bridal party, parents. Don’t forget, your photographer is generally there for most of the day so there will be time during the day to grab them for more spontaneous photos of other groups and people. The formal photo time should be kept for the closest and most important groups.

Allow enough time for each group shot

Not allowing enough time for the groups is the most common mistake made when working out the wedding reception timings. For groups of 6 people or less you should allow 3 minutes to round up, arrange and take the photo. For larger groups allow for 5 minutes. A photo of everyone at the wedding can easily take 10-15 minutes to sort out. It is also a good idea to allow another 5 minutes for any unexpected things, such as family members going awol! It happens…a lot!


OK, why would a photographer write such a backward article? This post is for couples that want to have awesome wedding photos that honestly reflect how beautiful their wedding day was. I want to help you think through some of the common mistakes that couples make when booking their wedding photographer so that you can avoid them!!

They’re running an enticing sale

Tempting I know, you’re on a budget and everyone loves to save money (as much as Peppa Pig loves jumping in muddy puddles- or my one-year-old boy for that fact). But wedding photography is not an area you should cut back on.

Your wedding photos will be the only enduring keepsake you and your family will have to remember your wedding by. After your wedding day is over,  your cake will have vanished, your flowers will have wilted and your family and friends will have returned home. How disappointed would you feel if your wedding photos failed to capture the energy and excitement of the biggest day of your life?

It would be helpful to ask yourself:

Do they invest in the best equipment (will back-up equipment ready to go)?

Will they assist you in your wedding planning to help you maximize the photography coverage and make the day stress-free for you and your guests?

Will they have the time to invest in working through your ideas with you to bring out your best?

Do they offer an engagement shoot to make you feel camera comfortable prior to your wedding day?

Will they make time to plan for every weather situation?

Do they include a pre-wedding consultation, or will they just turn up on the day after receiving your wedding schedule?

The venue recommended them

Venue recommendations are a great place to start in the search for your wedding photographer. They will have worked with so many photographers that their endorsement is important. However, you may find that their preferred suppliers work in a style that you don’t see your day being captured in.

Wedding Photography: The Complete Guide

Have you ever wanted to learn how to photograph a wedding like a pro? Or learn the best wedding photography tips & tricks from a professional photographer to capture those precious moments and memories for newlyweds?

Then, you need to check out this iPhotography™ guide. It’s packed with wedding photography tips and ideas on how to take stunning photos on the big day and avoid the common mistakes that every new photographer makes.

Wedding photography is one of the most popular ways of turning your hobby into a career. It’s an ideal place to make money from your photography and a fantastic opportunity to get noticed in the local community. But all too often amateurs and semi-pros overlook the essentials when either preparing their photography equipment, planning their poses or composing their shots, resulting in poor wedding photographs

Now we understand that everyone has a different approach to photography, and weddings are no different. Whether you prefer formal wedding poses or the reportage side then this guide will help you.  We’ll look at the best techniques, ideal wedding photography lighting, along with hidden tricks and little-known tips that professional photographers use when directing the Bride, Groom and even the whole wedding party!

Without a wedding photography checklist, you will inevitably miss something out of your shoot.  This could be fatal to the start of promising wedding photography career. A Bride and Groom won’t be pleased to know you forgot to take pictures of them cutting the cake or the Mother of the Bride’s decadent hat!

Put these questions on your checklist

Do they want lots of posed formal wedding photographs?

Or do they prefer a natural and candid approach?

What parts of the day do they want you to cover? Bridal preparation, Ceremony, Meal, Speeches, Cake cutting, Party/Disco etc.,

What’s the starting time for these parts? (expect there to be delays – you’ll find no wedding runs on time!)

Are there any special activities or surprises planned that guests don’t know about?

How many guests will be present?

Is there anyone who they don’t want photographed? (Sounds silly, but you’ll be surprised how often an unwanted Aunty or vaguely known Cousin is put to the back of the shots)

Do they want a big group shot of everyone together?

What time will the wedding finish?

DJs Or Wedding Reception Bands

Types of Copyright Rights

Public Performing Right

The exclusive right of the copyright owner, granted by the Copyright Law, to publicly perform a copyrighted work. For musical works (performance rights organizations — i.e. PRO) issues licenses on behalf of copyright owners affiliated with their organizations granting others the right to perform the work in, or transmit the work to, the public.

Reproduction Right

The exclusive right of the copyright owner, granted by the Copyright Act, to authorize the reproduction of a musical work as in a record, cassette or CD. For musical works, the issues what are known as “mechanical” licenses on behalf of copyright owners granting others (usually a record company) the right to reproduce and distribute a specific composition at an agreed upon fee per unit manufactured and sold.

Derivative Work Right

The exclusive right of a copyright owner to make other works that utilize major parts or components of his or her work. Think remixes, mashups or videos. For example, when a producer wants to incorporate someone’s copyrighted musical work into a visual work like a movie, the producer needs to obtain a synchronization license to synchronize the musical composition in timed relation with audio-visual images on film or videotape.

Digital Performance Right in Sound Recordings

Sound Exchange along with Record Companies license the exclusive rights on behalf of copyright owners in a sound recording (which is separate from the copyright in the underlying musical works that) under Copyright Law to authorize many digital transmissions (e.g., Internet streaming).

There are two types of licenses for digital streaming of a sound recording:

  1. The license to use the music composition embodied in the sound recording. Acquired from the PROs.
  2. The license to digitally broadcast the sound recording of the musical composition. Acquired from Sound Exchange.

Can DJs use Spotify: Is it legal to DJ with Spotify?

The work of a DJ has become more complex over the years, at least in the legal aspects of it. That’s because, unlike in the past when a DJ could get music through tapes and CDs from artists and their affiliates, most music is now released online. Platforms pretty much own most of the music released nowadays. The increased dominancespecifically, then leads to the question.

This is a tough question and there may not be a direct answer to it. That’s because, as per the terms and conditions, you cannot use music from to DJ. The terms and conditions state that, “the company only grants you a limited, revocable license to use their content for non-commercial purposes.” In other words, you can use their content to DJ for your own entertainment, but not for the use at commercial gigs. But here is where it gets interesting. Spotify does allow the use of its music within certain DJ software. These are App, djay 2 and djay pro. This means that you have expanded rights to music entertainment, when using their music on these DJ software programs. These rights emanate from the fact that they have exclusive agreements with these specific companies. With such selective rights to usage, it is difficult to tell, on which side of the law you are on when you DJ using music.

Do DJs Have To Pay For Their Music?

So, do DJs have to pay for their music?

Absolutely. DJs have to purchase the singles, albums, tracks and anything else that they plan to alter and include in their mixes. However, besides this legal purchase, they may or may not need a specific license that allows them to play copyrighted music in front of a large crowd. Several countries impose this law, making DJs pay a fee for this digital license, and others do not, as the location and associations responsible for the even have to pay them instead.

In several countries, the law is very specific about the type of payment DJ need to make to acquire the digital license. This fee qualifies them to play, copy and alter tracks from any copyrighted material, including CDs, vinyl, cassettes, digital recordings, and other media. They can also legally copy these to a digital audio player, hard drive, mp3 player, etc… In these countries, DJs must acquire this permission before starting their professional career that implies using copyrighted music for their mixes.

When it comes to the US, DJ’s don’t have to pay for this permit to play the music. Of course, they still need to keep it legal and purchase all the tracks they plan to use, but there’s no need for the digital license. Venues such as restaurants, halls, or clubs, are the ones who pay for the DJ’s rights to play music. There are the so-called Performing Rights Organizations, in short PROs, that act like a middle man between the music producers, songwriters, artist, and the venue that wants to play their music. In the US, such organizations are… After they pay their fees to the music’s respective owners, the venues are now allowed to play it for the crowd. When a DJ works for such a place, they are also automatically allowed to play these tracks without paying any fee.


BeatStars is one of the biggest and most popular sites for DJ/producers looking for beats because it’s an online marketplace for hip-hop and bass instrumentals. Budding beatsmiths and professionals upload their music here looking to sell or license them to MCs and vocalists looking for instrumentals to rap or sing over.

It’s hot right now because there are a lot of respected producers and beatmakers on the platform selling quality beats for cheap. One story is of the young rapper who bought a beat on it for $30, recorded a vocal at home and put the song out on the internet.

How to get free music on BeatStars

The best part is that while the beats here are cheap, there are also lots of free downloads to be had. The quickest way is to go to the Tracks menu at the top of the screen, and then click on “Free Beats”. This brings up a big list of all the tracks you can grab for free in exchange for an email address or a follow on BeatStars (it has a social feature similar).

Another way to go about it is to just click on a playlist you like: the BeatStars interface feels like browsing through (smart!) so you have different playlists based on mood and genre. Once you pick a playlist, the beats will show up and you can pick out the ones that are free because they’ve got a download icon beside them. All you need to do is to click it and enter an email or follow the beatmaker on BeatStars to grab the instrumental.

Pros: Hot site now for hip-hop beats and instrumentals, thriving marketplace and community

Cons: Hip-hop and bass music-focused selection may leave those looking for house / techno and EDM out in the cold

How Many Songs Should I Have in My DJ Set Library?

It is often a safe measure to preselect twice as many songs in your library then you plan on playing during your DJ set. You can only play a maximum amount of songs in a DJ set but it is important to have more songs as a backup for when you want to switch energy levels or genres. There are multiple places where DJs get their music from. So if you want to enlarge your DJ set library feel free to take a look at the article.

It is important to think about what you are going to play at your DJ set and to keep in mind what you might play based on what the crowd wants at the time.

So, take the amount of songs you are going to be playing per hour based on the genres you are going to play and multiply them by 2 or 3 times. This way you are prepared for every change that might happen when playing live. Just enter the artist name, genre or custom tag you gave your songs to quickly find them and mix them in.

Interviewing Tips for Wedding Videographer


Planning your wedding can be a daunting process – whether you’re a planner or not; it tests your organizational skills, your time management, your taste in fashion and also your patience with your spouse (to-be). There’s no course on how to choose a wedding videographer. In fact, most people have never booked an event vendor before and were never thinking, “Oh, I can’t for the day to book my florist!”

But we’re not here to talk about flowers that you’re going to use for a day and then throw away. You’re here because you’re interested in how to choose a wedding videographer. You’ve either seen your friend’s wedding film or have been strongly advised by someone you trust that it was one of the best decisions they made to save their memories. I can proudly say, with my undeniable bias, that a good wedding videographer will capture not just the scripted and candid actions on the day, but things that you will miss on the wedding day, along with performances, traditions and most notably, the sounds at your wedding.


The question of style is WAY more subjective than the look and sound of the video. In such a case, I’ll mention major styles that you’ll encounter in your hunt for a wedding videographer

Video montage – usually different clips from the day edited together with some music. All you hear is music.

Music video – Very similar to the Video Montage style but usually contains fancy effects, similar to ones you’d find in a conventional music video. Often times, these videos are edited with a top 40 track or a trending song on the airways.*

Slow motion – a more cinematic style of film in which the clips are mostly or completely in slow motion. Videos may sometimes contain sound bytes from things said during the day.

Cinematic story-telling** – This is a very cinematic style, with resemblance to movies. This style is complete with black crop bars, emotional music and a film-like look, integrating segments of speeches and wedding vows at key moments in the video to help give context to the couple and their story.


You can start with seeing what friends and family got. You can Google local vendors. Ask your wedding planner for references. You can also just book Aperture Lane since you’re reading our article. Why not make things simple? 😉

How To Choose A Wedding Videographer

I was on the phone to a potential wedding client the other day and I was answering a lot of questions.  It got me thinking that if I were not around and my sister or a friend had to employ a videographer for their wedding, what questions would I tell them to ask the videographer?

How to choose a wedding videographer, here are some questions to ask.

Do they shoot documentary or cinematic wedding videos?

Do they direct a lot or do they use a “fly on the wall” approach?

How many shooters or cameras will be used?

Do they shoot HD or 4K?

What extra equipment will they use such as drone, gimbals etc?

How long does it take to get the finished video?

Will the video be on DVD or a digital file?

How many copies will you receive?

Who does your photographer recommend?

Can they send you a sample copy (or 2) of a fully finished wedding?

Can you meet them in person?

Documentary or Cinematic

What does this mean? The difference is huge between these two styles. A documentary wedding video will show the wedding as it happens moment by moment. It will be lightly edited and the full ceremony, full speeches, first dance etc will be filmed and will play back as it happened without much creative flare.

Cinematic weddings on the other hand will be highly stylized and usually a lot shorter than the documentary type video.  Cinematic weddings tell the story of the day in a more romantic way using a lot of directed shots with drones, sliders and gimbals (camera stabilizers)

Directing or “Fly On The Wall”

Some videographers direct the action a lot and some don’t, they are unseen and are akin to a sniper, taking shots that nobody is aware of.


Choosing the right wedding videographer is one of the most important things for your wedding day. Your wedding video should be a cherished a memento, which you would like to show to all of your guests, and later to your children.

Thus, it is very important to hire a very good wedding videographer who can capture the most integral moments of the day with ease and create a beautiful wedding video


The earlier you start researching about your wedding videographer, the better your chances are to find one who will match your style and expectations. After carrying out a good amount of research, shortlist your favourites. Watch the trailers of the wedding films they have made and see if the trailers can move you emotionally. You should also research the education and experience of the relevant wedding videographers.

Finally, after the work of a wedding videographer catches your interest and you are keen to hire them, arrange a meeting . You must meet the actual person who will be shooting your wedding and not their assistant. You must keep a list of important questions ready for them

Here are a few ideas for some of the questions that you should ask them in the first meeting:

• How many years experience do you have in wedding videography?

• Have you ever worked with the photographer whom I have hired? (Provide the name of the photographer)

• Will there be any more videographers to accompany you?

• What will be the production style of the wedding film? Will it be cinematic, vintage or documentary?

• Which parts of the wedding day would you film?

• What type of camera do you use?

• How do you generally incorporate music to the wedding film?

• What are the packages that you offer?

• How long do you take to deliver the final video? Will you show me a finished sample?

Choosing a wedding videographer?

All wedding suppliers like ourselves undergo assessment, as brides and grooms do their research when choosing wedding suppliers for their special day. Most couples will sit down together and have their wedding planner handy with lots of scribbles and crosses.  They will be figuring out what entertainment they wish to have at their wedding, along with several other bits and bobs.  However, how do you go about making the decision of choosing your wedding videographer?

The average cost of a wedding videographer in short can be as low as $450 at the cheaper end of the scale. This can go all the way up to the higher bracket of $2500+.  The pricing a wedding videographer attaches to their service is purely driven by the quality of their completed wedding films.  As the known phrase goes ‘You get what you pay for’.  I feel this is a fair statement in the world of wedding films

There are generally two systems wedding videographers adopt in terms of wedding film packages.  Some companies will offer a variety of choice, but some will keep things simple and only offer one or two.  This may help brides and grooms filter down their choices of choosing a wedding videographer, as they may only want certain elements of the day filming.  The key point here again when choosing your wedding videographer is….DO YOUR RESEARCH!

This question doesn’t have a definitive answer.  The reason being it is all down to what the bride and groom are looking for. From a professional perspective, it is great that a company will have all the best camera equipment at their disposal! However this only goes so far, as the person operating that equipment and editing your wedding films still needs to know what they are doing when all the footage is in the computer ready to be edited.

Is a wedding videographer worth it?  Definitely!!! There is nothing more life like than watching a real time recollection of all the special moments from your wedding day.  As a Derbyshire wedding videographer I can confirm that from the heart “I love what I do”.  I love to help people too, so if you need some questions answering about the topic or interesting in personally booking me please get in touch.  I would love to hear from you

How to choose a Wedding Videographer?

Choosing a wedding videographer can sometimes be a daunting task. It’s one of the most special and important days of your life, and there are many suppliers on the market. You want to make sure you make the right choice!

Our first piece of advice is to take time to do some research. Do a search online of several different wedding videography companies’ websites, and focus initially on their portfolio. Try to identify what kind of style you are going for. Most wedding videographers nowadays will take a more cinematic approach, rather than documentary style  – but even within that, each videographer will have their own different style and technique. Some use black and white for example. Some prefer to focus almost exclusively on the couple without much footage of the guests, while others like to show off the couple and guests as well as footage of both the key moments and the parts the wedding couple may not have seen! Some like to really show the context with lots of images of the surroundings and nature. Some use funky upbeat music – others barely use music at all.

Watch a few different videos from each of the wedding videographer’s portfolio and try to get a feel for their style, as this is essentially what your wedding video will also look like.

Once you have an idea of the type of style you want, you can then narrow things down. One of the key things that will influence your decision is of course budget. Most videographers will prefer to discuss the price directly with you, rather than publishing on their website. This gives you both the opportunity to discuss tailored packages. In any discussion make sure you check for no ‘hidden extras’.

Other factors that can be helpful in your decision are reviews. There is no better advertising for any business than satisfied customers! Check for real reviews on Google, Facebook or other wedding supplier platforms, and also on their website

A Night On The Town With The Help Of The Party Bus

Tips On Choosing The Right Party Bus For Hire

A party bus hire may be a fun and luxurious procedure of transportation for a big group of individuals. Most party buses are equipped with numerous attributes and great amenities which could help turn what would be an ordinary excursion into a rockin’ party on wheels! This article will look at Why you should party bus hire in Sydney for any occasion.

Outfitted for the party

You should hire a party bus that offers a spacious interior, which has ceiling height and sufficient leg room and also having enough seating for the guests on board. You also want to have the ability to mingle with the group and have easy access to chat to one another. You also want to make certain that the bus is equipped with the right type of entertainment that you will needed, which will vary depending on the type of occasion you are hiring the vehicle. A high-quality sound system and disco lights will be more right for a night out on the town, where you would want something more relaxing if you are on a sightseeing tour.

Party bus hire Sydney – Be certain to reserve the bus ahead of time

Due to the popularity of the party buses, you really want to make certain that you are able to reserve the particular style of transportation you require well ahead of the actual date you will need to use it. In peak season these vehicles are in high demand and you might wish to arrange the booking well in advance, a good two to three months is often recommended.

Check on the reputation of the party bus companies

Prior to using a particular service operator you really want to make certain to do your due diligence to check the company is able to supply a well equipped and maintained vehicle, which comes with a sufficiently licensed and experienced driver.

On board Amenities & packages

not all party buses are equipped with leather seats, custom bar, 3D stereo sound system, LED TVs and many more. These buses also allow you to bring alcoholic beverages, food and also your entertainment. It provides so much fun that you may never want to stop the ride! Know more about the packages to click the link below.

Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Party Bus Rental

A perfect way of transportation for weddings, bachelor, bachelorette parties and other events is renting a party bus. This is also a great way to safely transport your family, friends or employees to all sorts of events. Below you can find some tips to make sure you get the most out of your party bus rental.

Pick Your Route

Are you going to have a simple trip from Point A to Point B, or are you going to plan several stops at various places along the way? You will need to inform the party bus company about the route since many of them charge for fuel. Plan the itinerary beforehand and let the company know of it in order to inform your chauffeur.

Make Sure You Understand Party Bus Rental Prices

Every company has its own payment structure. Hourly or flat rate the prices will vary. Make sure you understand any additional charges like fuel or any other costs. As an advice, check just to be sure that they do not have any hidden payments that you will discover after the rental. Ask about the policy and how much you will be charged if you go over the time you initially settled. The price stated in the contract will be the final sum you will have to pay for the services you requested.

Pick Your Party Bus

Make sure you select the vehicle that fits your event. If you do not check the details, you may not have the elegance you are wishing for, so make sure to inspect the vehicles before you decide. When you check your party bus, verify every light and inspect every electronic device. If the bus is not in a perfect shape, move on or report the malfunctions so you will not be charged for them, or you can negotiate a lower price

Make Party Bus Rental Reservations

You should reserve a month in advance and confirm the reservation within a week before the event. Even if you are planning to rent a party bus for a wedding or another event that does not have a flexible date, the reservation should be made as far as a year before.


When you’re planning a celebration, you want every detail to be perfect. If your epic plans include a party bus rental, you’ll want to make sure you reserve the right size for your group. When you’re looking over party bus options you’ll notice that most listings designate the maximum group size for that bus.


When reserving a party bus rental for a prom, wedding or other formal occasion, it’s important to keep the attire of the party bus guests in mind when choosing the size of the vehicle. If you have a smaller group of 12 and choose a party bus with a capacity of 15, you might think you’re all set. While your guests will all fit, it doesn’t mean that they’ll be comfortable.


One of the biggest perks of a party bus rental is that the festivities can continue while you’re in the bus. It’s important to consider any onboard activities when planning for the size of party bus you need.


Just because a party bus is filled with all your favorite people doesn’t necessarily mean that they all know, or are comfortable, with each other.


There’s one more thing to keep in mind – there’s almost always an extra body or two that will make its way into the party. It will be easy for you to welcome these additions if you’ve planned for a little cushion in the seating space ahead of time. It’s a good rule add 3 to the number on your guest list, possibly a few more if you know your group tends to spread the word and invite others along.

How to Choose Party Bus for Your Event

When you are planning to attend an event, you need to take time deciding the right party bus you need to hire. Hiring the best party bus can be confusing given that you have multiple options, it might be a daunting exercise if you have never booked a bus before. You need a bus that will safely transport your friends or family to a party, a bus that will create a mood for the coming event.

Understand the bus rental prices

When you are planning to hire a bus for your occasion, you need to be familiar or at least have a clue of the possible cost. Party busses differ in price depending on their size, luxury, and the design. Choose a favorable party bus that charges fairly based on the hours you will travel.

You can go through the fee structure of the party bus and make sure you understand the surcharges like fuel and any other occasional expense. Most companies hire their busses based on the hours. You need to find a party bus that you are comfortable paying for and the service should be worth the price.

Select your music and refreshments

Before you book a party bus, you need to discuss with the company if you are allowed to play your music using their systems. Remember it is a party bus. Therefore you need to find a bus that you will be allowed to be selective in your music

Capacity to can accommodate

It is important to determine the capacity that the party bus can accommodate. Some party bus rental has a maximum capacity to accommodate. You will, therefore, be charged an extra fee for the extra seats. The bus party rentals have different size of party buses; you need to select one that can accommodate a good number. You are also supposed to book some extra seats in case you are expecting some visitors

Tips To Selecting The Right Party Bus

Party Rentals in Miami understand for a fact not all of the party buses are made equal. And that is a fantastic thing since it is difficult to throw an epic celebration on a standard party bus. The worst part is a boring party since your aim is an adventure for your colleagues, friends, loved ones, or even your children. The truth, choosing the right party bus sets the tone for the whole adventure. You get all the amenities, for example, courtesy beverage bars, surround system, lights, and, the comfort of leather interior seats. However, that just the start!

Big Buses

The big bus needs to be your ride of selection when you entertain many guests for an event. All of your party guests could travel in comfort and fashion to places in Miami-Dade and Broward County.

Sprinter Party Bus

The Mercedes Sprinter Limo Bus is the best way to package all that comfort and luxury into a small bundle. Nonetheless, it can accommodate 16 passengers. You’ll come across drinks, entertainment, and, the same leather luxury as the more significant party buses. However, you could rent it for a cheaper cost

Mini Party Bus

A mini party bus is ideal for groups that don’t require the space of a large party bus. However, the mini is capable of carrying up to 30 guests and can be decked out with surround-sound, movie screens, leather, color changing LED- lights, and, a lot more

Pick the limousine or the party bus?

Often you’ll remember your school prom, and you can help but think of your limousine ride. Sometimes we see limos full of high school kids on their way to their celebration and enjoying themselves, and you hesitate to get the party bus.

Finding A Perfect Wedding Videographer

Choosing a Wedding Videographer

Even more than photographs, a wedding video truly captures the spirit and magic of your big day—in living color. And, thanks to advancements in digital technology, the quality of these videos has improved dramatically over the years. Instead of using the large, obtrusive analog (VHS) cameras that were standard 10 years ago, most videographers now shoot with small, discreet digital video cameras.

Basic Service

“Point-and-shoot” videographers, as they’re known, provide only elementary documentation of your day, so they’re your least expensive option (around $1,000). If you’ve seen any of your friends’ wedding videos…well, you get the picture.

Tips on Finding The Right Videographer For You

The best way to find a reliable videographer who works in the style you want is to get recommendations from friends and family. Your wedding photographer might be able to provide you with a list of names, too; some photographers may even offer videography as part of their services. Or, try the Wedding & Event Videographers Association

A New Twist: Documentary-Style Video

Want a wedding video that plays like a stylish HBO documentary or an independent film? Some videographers hold degrees in filmmaking or broadcast journalism, and they’ll strive to shoot your wedding like a “fly on the wall,” thoughtfully recording the event with a storyteller’s understanding of real, dramatic moments as well as a cinematographer’s eye for beautiful images.

The Ultimate Splurge: 8 or 16 mm film

The “couture” option is to have your wedding captured on motion picture film—8 mm, or even 16 mm, the format in which most of those lush, silky-looking Hollywood movies (think: The Aviator) are shot. While a “film version” of your wedding day is as glamorous as you can get, it’s also a luxury product—an hour’s worth of this type of film can cost the filmmaker as much as $2,000. In addition to covering the cost of the film itself, you’ll also pay $3,000 or more for the filmmaker’s time and talent. But the expense may be worth it to you, because these films are astounding, utterly gorgeous works of art.

Things to consider when choosing a wedding videographer

Start looking early

All the good wedding videographers are going to be booked up 6 months, 12 months or even 2 years in advance. So as soon as you have your venue and you know the date, contact your videographer early because they will get snapped up!

Quality vs Price

There are wedding videographers out there that will do your wedding for £300. There are wedding videographers that will do your wedding for £1,000 and there are wedding videographers that will do your wedding for £10,000. You need to make the decision about what your wedding means to you. If you go for a budget wedding videographer, you’re likely to get a film that is of lower quality. That’s not always the case, but it’s likely to be of lower quality. If you get a low quality film, it’s more than likely that you’re not going to watch it.

The cost you can expect to pay

The price is set by you. You can get wedding videographers that will do it for free. You can find videographers on websites like Gumtree, that are just starting out, and are looking for films to fill their portfolio

The equipment your videographers will be using

It used to be the case that your wedding videographer would have big bulky cameras and tripods, and walk around and disrupt everybody but things have moved away from that. Technology has moved on. We now film weddings with tiny DSLR cameras that look very similar to the cameras that your photographer use. So we blend into the background.

Picking the right videographer

Well this all depends on you. Price, how much do you want to pay? How much are you willing to pay? How much is the quality of your product worth to you? Documentation, find out if they have the correct insurance to work for you. Especially if they are using drones and flying things around, check to see if they have the correct licenses and insurance. There are lots of videographers out there using drones without a license, that ultimately cost you and your venue. Your videographer should have public liability insurance.

Things You Should Know Before Booking a Wedding Videographer

Photos only capture so much of the day, and hiring a videographer will help ensure you don’t miss a thing. But figuring out where to start and how to narrow down the selection can be overwhelming. Here, wedding industry experts share their tips on what to think about before selecting a videographer

Experience is Crucial

“Experience is crucial in picking a videographer. The wedding day moves quickly and split-second decisions have to be made based off of past experiences.”

Know What Coverage You Want

“Think about the key moments you’ll want covered, as this will impact how many hours of coverage you’ll need to book. Do you want clips from while you’re getting ready, your ceremony, and that sparkler exit you’ve planned? Depending on your answers, you’ll need a videographer to arrive in the late morning or early afternoon, and stay through the end of the night. On the other hand, if you just want the ceremony and toasts, you can choose a shorter package that will cover just those highlights.”- Emily Campbell,

Think About Your Vendor Team

“Ideally you will want to book a videographer who your planner and or photographer also love. This makes everything go much more smoothly on your wedding day as they are all accustomed to working together already.”- Tracie Domino

Evaluate Their Portfolio

“Be sure to see their work and make sure that it moves you emotionally.”- Anthony Vazquez

Tips On How To Choose Your Wedding Videographer

Ask any of your married friends or family about their big day and they will tell you how quickly the day went! You spend what feels like months on end planning your dream wedding, from getting ideas to booking suppliers, going to dress fittings and sending out invites, there’s a lot of work that goes into it all and then it’s over in a flash. What’s left are the amazing memories, your photographs and your wedding video, so it’s important you make the right choice when it comes to choosing a wedding videographer


Before you get the popcorn out and plonk yourself down for an evening of bingeing on wedding films, deciding who you should book, I would recommend deciding on the style of film you’re wanting first, this way you can narrow down your search a lot quicker.

My films sit under the cinematic style of wedding videography, I’m all about telling the story of the couple foremost, and through my unobtrusive approach, focus on using great light, composition and sound, my wedding films tell the emotional journey of my couples.


The budget you set aside for a wedding videographer will be of course be driven by a number of things but I think the determining factor will be how much you value having a wedding video.


As a bride and groom, you’ll spend almost all day with your photographer and videographer, so it’s vital you like them and get along with them. I’d always recommend getting on a Skype of Facetime call with the suppliers you’re thinking about booking and have a chat with them. You will get a feel for how they communicate, what their attitude is like and how they like to work alongside other suppliers.

tips on hiring the right wedding videographer

Being someone who is passionate about my craft for the last thirteen years, I’ve compiled some of my top tips for finding the right wedding videographer and getting the most out of your wedding film!

Hire a professional.  Bride’s number one regret is not having a video.  I know I wish my parents did and so do they

Hire a local videographer.  To hire someone who has shot at the location and worked with the local vendors already will make for a better film.

Don’t just look at just their portfolio, look at their reviews on multiple sites.  The top professionals have consistent delivery.  This means that even on the days when things don’t go perfectly

Know the style you like.  There are so many ways to shoot a wedding but here are the three main ones:

Music video: It focuses on cinematic shots, and is a visually driven film with lots of time shifting through parts of the day with effects and music with lyrics. This style has little to no audio such as vows, speeches or any other voice over dialogue

Photo Booth Fun For Your Wedding

Why a Photo booth is a Great Addition to Any Event

Taking a picture is one of the best ways to capture a moment. Regardless of the occasion, people love to take pictures to remember a fun-filled day. This is especially the case if there is a photo booth at the event. Photo booths provide your event with an experience that is unlike taking pictures with a smartphone or with a photographer. They will provide your event with more than just photos, a photo booth will provide your event with an experience.

Capturing a moment

Of course, with a photo booth, your guests can take pictures with their friends to capture the fun of your event. Not just any kind of pictures either. Modern photo booths will provide your guests with high-quality PHYSICAL copies of pictures. The physical copies of photos are unlike anything that can be captured using a smartphone. A photo booth at your event will make it all the more memorable for your guests. Whether it is a birthday, wedding, or any other type of big event, a photo booth is a guaranteed way to make it a lasting memory. A photo will allow them to keep reliving the event over and over! Your guests will want to make sure everyone hears about it!


We all know taking pictures can be fun, especially in a photo booth. There are a variety of fun backdrops your guests can use to make their pictures more personalized. There are even some fun props that can be used to really make the photo booth come alive.Your guests will feel like kids again as soon as they step into the photo booth. A photo booth at your event will give your guests hours of entertainment.

Great for everyone

One of the best features about photo booths is that can be used by everyone! Anyone that can work a photo booth is free to use it. Young to old, all your guest can preserve a memory of your event with help of a photo booth. Everyone can join in on the fun of a photo booth. It is especially a blast for children that are the event. All your guests will be able to cut loose and enjoy your event with a photo booth!

With Titus Touch Music, our photo booths are staffed for the duration of the event to assist you and your guests and help make your photos even more special. Please click here for more photobooth information.

Free party favor

With a photo booth at your event, you don’t need to stress as much about party favors. Guests are free to take as many pictures as they want at the photo booths. You’ll find that renting a photo booth is a lot cheaper than making party favor bags for your guests. Not to mention you don’t have to waste any of your time like you would be making part favors. Unlike other party favors, a photo is not as likely to be forgotten or thrown away. Your guest will want to keep the pictures they took in your photo booth in plain sight. They will want to share stories of that event for years to come!

Is a Wedding Photo Booth Really Worth the Splurge?

Photo booths seem to be ubiquitous with modern weddings, but they’re certainly not a requirement. Whether you’re considering a vintage booth, an open-air setup by your photographer, or a DIY backdrop that guests can pose in front of, you may find yourself considering whether this is an expense that’s really worth the splurge. Here are some of the pros and cons to help you make the decision that’s best for your wedding and your budget.

Pro: You’ll get an additional set of wedding photos.

Your guests love to pose at the photo booth, but these snaps are tons of fun for the couple to look through after the wedding, too. Think of it as a way to see what friends were up to when you weren’t around. Your professional photos will be great for framing and hanging in your home but flipping through an album filled with photo booth snaps is guaranteed to put a smile on your face for years to come.

Con: There are more costs to consider than just the actual rental.

There are often additional expenses beyond just the product and service. You’ll need to provide a meal for the vendor running the booth and you may need to cover the cost of transportation and mileage, web hosting fees for photos that are available for digital download, and any extra printing or album costs. If your booth doesn’t come with props or lighting, you’ll likely need to save some money for these expenses, too.

Pro: The photos can double as favors.

If you opt to book a photo booth that prints photo strips, your guests have will have a wedding favor they’ll actually want to keep. It’s one less thing to cross off your wedding to-do list.

Con: They can take away from the party atmosphere.

The placement of your photo booth, and when you choose to open it to guests, can mean that its presence splits up the party more than you intended. It’s usually best to have the photo booth open after dinner and set near the dance floor area. But it’s important to remember that, depending on what your guests are like, this interactive activity can be a distraction from the rest of the reception. Imagine what the dance floor would be like if all your college friends were off trying to cram into one photo?

What Can I Do with the Digital Booth?

Our digital booth is a beautiful, all-in-one piece of equipment with a base that is sturdy enough for any location – including a sandy beach or a grassy outdoor area. It has an illuminating ring light surrounding the circular mirror to help you look your best in each photo. The center of the mirror has a touch screen that lets you preview your content in real time. Of course, the mirror also lets you check out your reflection to fix any flyaway hair or make sure you don’t have anything on your face!

The digital booth may be small in size, but it is loaded with features that are instantly available for sharing on social media. Let’s dive into the features, and how they are typically used:


Boomerang is a mobile app that is typically used in conjunction with Instagram. To create a boomerang, the user presses the button to record. The result is a short video that continually loops over and over, much like a boomerang that is thrown and immediately returns. Often users will record boomerangs of clinking beverages together, twirling their dresses, quick movements, or other moments that look great when played over and over. Our digital booth has this capability, and it creates a dynamic photo memory in comparison to a traditional, static photo. Some examples of Boomerangs from our digital photobooth are featured on our website under the “Digital Booth” link.


GIFs are similar to boomerangs in that they are a short sequence of photos that loop, but the format that they are captured in is different. In other words, GIFS are not a video, but rather they are a sequence of photos stitched together. GIFS do have a more limited color palette to represent the image, and can look less detailed if translating a video from full quality to GIF format. However, GIFs are still extremely popular and culturally iconic despite those limitations. GIFs are typically used online to share funny moments or hilarious facial expressions from events or movies.

Wedding Activities That Are Way More Fun Than a Photo Booth

1. LifePrint

LifePrint will make your photos come to life! I know, it sounds like something out of the Harry Potter books, but it’s true. Here’s how it works: select your favorite couples photos or videos from your phone, then print them out using your LifePrint printer. Scatter these pictures throughout your wedding venue at different tables or stations, or pin them to a collage. When your guests hover their phones over the pics—surprise!—they will start moving. Why make your guests sit through a boring slideshow?!

2. Air graffiti wall

Allow your guests to get creative, street art style. Instead of paint, the cans emit an infrared light beam which is converted into a virtual image that appears on the digital wall. This is a way cooler and more creative way to edit and share images on social media from your wedding.

3. Go FlipYourself

No, we’re not being inappropriate. Kellee Khalil, founder and CEO of virtual wedding planner app Loverly, says Go FlipYourself is a total departure from the traditional photo booth setup. “You can have guests venture into the open air setup (not the stuffy booth), pretty themselves up with on-hand props (boas, glasses, you name it), and record a 7-second video that then gets processed and cut up into a business card-sized flip book they can take away within two minutes.”

Photo booths as Authentic and Vintage

The very structure of photo booths allow for a target audience that encompasses a broad range of generations, unlike smartphones which are primarily used by a younger demographic. Older people tend to view photo booths with nostalgia while younger people may see it as vintage and revel in the novelty of having printed photo strips to bring home. In both cases, photo booths present a unique chance to be wholly authentic. While some photo booths offer the ability to share photos digitally via email, the same photo booths also offer the option to share photos directly to social media, reducing the chance of users taking the time to alter or edit photos before posting and thus preserving authenticity. Since photos are printed right there for you, they serve as a great tangible reminder of a fun event or get-together. Users receive a completely untouched and real photo of how they looked in a particular moment to look fondly back on. There is something genuine about having an actual photo strip to hold and look at knowing that what has been captured is exactly what the scene really looked like, something that cannot be said for many social media photos that have been retouched or filtered.