Interviewing Tips for Wedding Videographer


Planning your wedding can be a daunting process – whether you’re a planner or not; it tests your organizational skills, your time management, your taste in fashion and also your patience with your spouse (to-be). There’s no course on how to choose a wedding videographer. In fact, most people have never booked an event vendor before and were never thinking, “Oh, I can’t for the day to book my florist!”

But we’re not here to talk about flowers that you’re going to use for a day and then throw away. You’re here because you’re interested in how to choose a wedding videographer. You’ve either seen your friend’s wedding film or have been strongly advised by someone you trust that it was one of the best decisions they made to save their memories. I can proudly say, with my undeniable bias, that a good wedding videographer will capture not just the scripted and candid actions on the day, but things that you will miss on the wedding day, along with performances, traditions and most notably, the sounds at your wedding.


The question of style is WAY more subjective than the look and sound of the video. In such a case, I’ll mention major styles that you’ll encounter in your hunt for a wedding videographer

Video montage – usually different clips from the day edited together with some music. All you hear is music.

Music video – Very similar to the Video Montage style but usually contains fancy effects, similar to ones you’d find in a conventional music video. Often times, these videos are edited with a top 40 track or a trending song on the airways.*

Slow motion – a more cinematic style of film in which the clips are mostly or completely in slow motion. Videos may sometimes contain sound bytes from things said during the day.

Cinematic story-telling** – This is a very cinematic style, with resemblance to movies. This style is complete with black crop bars, emotional music and a film-like look, integrating segments of speeches and wedding vows at key moments in the video to help give context to the couple and their story.


You can start with seeing what friends and family got. You can Google local vendors. Ask your wedding planner for references. You can also just book Aperture Lane since you’re reading our article. Why not make things simple? 😉

How To Choose A Wedding Videographer

I was on the phone to a potential wedding client the other day and I was answering a lot of questions.  It got me thinking that if I were not around and my sister or a friend had to employ a videographer for their wedding, what questions would I tell them to ask the videographer?

How to choose a wedding videographer, here are some questions to ask.

Do they shoot documentary or cinematic wedding videos?

Do they direct a lot or do they use a “fly on the wall” approach?

How many shooters or cameras will be used?

Do they shoot HD or 4K?

What extra equipment will they use such as drone, gimbals etc?

How long does it take to get the finished video?

Will the video be on DVD or a digital file?

How many copies will you receive?

Who does your photographer recommend?

Can they send you a sample copy (or 2) of a fully finished wedding?

Can you meet them in person?

Documentary or Cinematic

What does this mean? The difference is huge between these two styles. A documentary wedding video will show the wedding as it happens moment by moment. It will be lightly edited and the full ceremony, full speeches, first dance etc will be filmed and will play back as it happened without much creative flare.

Cinematic weddings on the other hand will be highly stylized and usually a lot shorter than the documentary type video.  Cinematic weddings tell the story of the day in a more romantic way using a lot of directed shots with drones, sliders and gimbals (camera stabilizers)

Directing or “Fly On The Wall”

Some videographers direct the action a lot and some don’t, they are unseen and are akin to a sniper, taking shots that nobody is aware of.


Choosing the right wedding videographer is one of the most important things for your wedding day. Your wedding video should be a cherished a memento, which you would like to show to all of your guests, and later to your children.

Thus, it is very important to hire a very good wedding videographer who can capture the most integral moments of the day with ease and create a beautiful wedding video


The earlier you start researching about your wedding videographer, the better your chances are to find one who will match your style and expectations. After carrying out a good amount of research, shortlist your favourites. Watch the trailers of the wedding films they have made and see if the trailers can move you emotionally. You should also research the education and experience of the relevant wedding videographers.

Finally, after the work of a wedding videographer catches your interest and you are keen to hire them, arrange a meeting . You must meet the actual person who will be shooting your wedding and not their assistant. You must keep a list of important questions ready for them

Here are a few ideas for some of the questions that you should ask them in the first meeting:

• How many years experience do you have in wedding videography?

• Have you ever worked with the photographer whom I have hired? (Provide the name of the photographer)

• Will there be any more videographers to accompany you?

• What will be the production style of the wedding film? Will it be cinematic, vintage or documentary?

• Which parts of the wedding day would you film?

• What type of camera do you use?

• How do you generally incorporate music to the wedding film?

• What are the packages that you offer?

• How long do you take to deliver the final video? Will you show me a finished sample?

Choosing a wedding videographer?

All wedding suppliers like ourselves undergo assessment, as brides and grooms do their research when choosing wedding suppliers for their special day. Most couples will sit down together and have their wedding planner handy with lots of scribbles and crosses.  They will be figuring out what entertainment they wish to have at their wedding, along with several other bits and bobs.  However, how do you go about making the decision of choosing your wedding videographer?

The average cost of a wedding videographer in short can be as low as $450 at the cheaper end of the scale. This can go all the way up to the higher bracket of $2500+.  The pricing a wedding videographer attaches to their service is purely driven by the quality of their completed wedding films.  As the known phrase goes ‘You get what you pay for’.  I feel this is a fair statement in the world of wedding films

There are generally two systems wedding videographers adopt in terms of wedding film packages.  Some companies will offer a variety of choice, but some will keep things simple and only offer one or two.  This may help brides and grooms filter down their choices of choosing a wedding videographer, as they may only want certain elements of the day filming.  The key point here again when choosing your wedding videographer is….DO YOUR RESEARCH!

This question doesn’t have a definitive answer.  The reason being it is all down to what the bride and groom are looking for. From a professional perspective, it is great that a company will have all the best camera equipment at their disposal! However this only goes so far, as the person operating that equipment and editing your wedding films still needs to know what they are doing when all the footage is in the computer ready to be edited.

Is a wedding videographer worth it?  Definitely!!! There is nothing more life like than watching a real time recollection of all the special moments from your wedding day.  As a Derbyshire wedding videographer I can confirm that from the heart “I love what I do”.  I love to help people too, so if you need some questions answering about the topic or interesting in personally booking me please get in touch.  I would love to hear from you

How to choose a Wedding Videographer?

Choosing a wedding videographer can sometimes be a daunting task. It’s one of the most special and important days of your life, and there are many suppliers on the market. You want to make sure you make the right choice!

Our first piece of advice is to take time to do some research. Do a search online of several different wedding videography companies’ websites, and focus initially on their portfolio. Try to identify what kind of style you are going for. Most wedding videographers nowadays will take a more cinematic approach, rather than documentary style  – but even within that, each videographer will have their own different style and technique. Some use black and white for example. Some prefer to focus almost exclusively on the couple without much footage of the guests, while others like to show off the couple and guests as well as footage of both the key moments and the parts the wedding couple may not have seen! Some like to really show the context with lots of images of the surroundings and nature. Some use funky upbeat music – others barely use music at all.

Watch a few different videos from each of the wedding videographer’s portfolio and try to get a feel for their style, as this is essentially what your wedding video will also look like.

Once you have an idea of the type of style you want, you can then narrow things down. One of the key things that will influence your decision is of course budget. Most videographers will prefer to discuss the price directly with you, rather than publishing on their website. This gives you both the opportunity to discuss tailored packages. In any discussion make sure you check for no ‘hidden extras’.

Other factors that can be helpful in your decision are reviews. There is no better advertising for any business than satisfied customers! Check for real reviews on Google, Facebook or other wedding supplier platforms, and also on their website